HandBrake Turns – Video format Converter

handbrakelogoUsing HandBrake to convert video formats, especially from DVD (disk) to m4p (a.k.a. mp4) format is easy and free. Continue reading

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Zoom H6

Zoom H6
Audio Recorder Par Excel-lance


zoom_h6I have recently had an attack of G.A.S. again. I know that this condition is no stranger to some who are reading this. I am not talking about a digestive condition, but Gear Acquisition Syndrome! However I have received counseling from my wife, and I am getting better. Anyway, after careful consideration, I purchased a Zoom H6 digital audio recorder. Here is my story…


You don’t have to go to the article’s end to read the conclusions. Here they are: The Zoom H6 is a versatile, high quality digital audio recorder, which is available locally. It brings numerous useful functions to making quality audio, and can be purchased for $450. The Zoom H6 is highly recommend by me.


I purchased my unit from Big Music, in Crows Nest, (sadly) using my own money. I have no financial interest in either the product or the supplier. Continue reading

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iPad Photo Portfolio Display – Part I

Summary: I use my iPad to show my favourite photos. Here is how I manage the images.

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Stuff-Up at Tune-Up

Tune-Up has been acquired by AVG, who have well and truly Stuffed-Up the pricing. If you want this excellent product, I recommend that you buy it from the global site and NOT from Australia site.

AVG Australia: 3 PC 1 yr $76.99 (LINK) versus Tune-Up for 3 PCs perpetual for $24.95 (LINK)
Note: to get the cheap price, install the evaluation and then just wait until it offers the cut price Special. Everyone gets this!

Read more about it…

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My Photo Workflow

As I am transitioning more towards professional photography, dealing with over 1,000 images per event, I had to choose my streamlined workflow. I describe here what I have chosen, and with what tools. I do not have any personal interest in promoting any products mentioned, and I had to purchase everything I use, with money – the old fashioned way! (Link to this page) Continue reading

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