This is my open Diary of hopefully, interesting stuff. I’ll try to look at everything I write through the eyes of the reader and keep asking “What’s in it for me?”. I.e. not put stuff like “I am going to the pictures tonight“, but instead put up reviews or news items.

I reside in Australia and work in IT. I am not related to the US resident of the same name, who is a much more interesting person. You can visit his site at http://www.paulszilard.com/ (yeah, it’s not linked – type it in yourself! Or better still just stay on my site, instead).


All opinions are my own. I reserve the right to be wrong, or to change my mind. I do not accept any responsibility for any reader’s decisions based on what they read here. They’ve got a brain (hopefully) and are responsible for making their own choices and do their own research.

The majority of things I will talk about, I have no commercial interest in. If do, then I will include a “Disclosure”, such as I sell item xyz – but usually this is because I found the product to be good.

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