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How to use Subclips in FCPX

FCPX (Final Cut Pro X) does not have “subclips”, but has an even better way of achieving the same, by using either FAVOURITES or KEYWORDS for any Range in a clip.

In the Event Browser view the master clip. Create an In Point and an Out Point to define a range. Now press “F” to make that section a Favourite or press Command+K to create a Keyword for the subclip.

Using Keywords is more powerful as you can sort by keywords, and assign different keywords (e.g. using phrase from the video’s actor’s script), whereas there is only one kind of Favourite.

FCPX uses different coloured bars for the various type of subclips.

  1. Orange – Used in a project
  2. Green – Favourite
  3. Blue – Keyworded

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