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How to use Subclips in FCPX

FCPX (Final Cut Pro X) does not have “subclips”, but has an even better way of achieving the same, by using either FAVOURITES or KEYWORDS for any Range in a clip. Continue reading

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Video Battery Capacity: Nikon D750 vs D4

Nikon Video Test Rig

Nikon Video Test Rig

I wanted to get an idea of how long I could run my Nikon D750 and the Nikon D4 cameras in video record mode, before the internal battery is exhausted.


Battery icon turns RED after

  • D750 – 130 minutes
  • D4 – 160 minutes

Camera shuts down after

  • D750 – 147 minutes
  • D4 – 190 minutes

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Converting Sony .MXF files to Apple ProRes 422 for FCPX

UPDATE: FCPX 10.1.4 now includes support for .MXF files, making this article redundant.
(and my purchase :( ).

Currently (Oct 2014) I have not found a working plug-in for FCPX to import Sony .MXF files, which is the format produced by many of Sony’s pro camcorders.

I have however found a number of ways to overcome this: Continue reading

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HandBrake Turns – Video format Converter

handbrakelogoUsing HandBrake to convert video formats, especially from DVD (disk) to m4p (a.k.a. mp4) format is easy and free. Continue reading

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Zoom H6

Zoom H6
Audio Recorder Par Excel-lance


zoom_h6I have recently had an attack of G.A.S. again. I know that this condition is no stranger to some who are reading this. I am not talking about a digestive condition, but Gear Acquisition Syndrome! However I have received counseling from my wife, and I am getting better. Anyway, after careful consideration, I purchased a Zoom H6 digital audio recorder. Here is my story…


You don’t have to go to the article’s end to read the conclusions. Here they are: The Zoom H6 is a versatile, high quality digital audio recorder, which is available locally. It brings numerous useful functions to making quality audio, and can be purchased for $450. The Zoom H6 is highly recommend by me.


I purchased my unit from Big Music, in Crows Nest, (sadly) using my own money. I have no financial interest in either the product or the supplier. Continue reading

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